Welcome, new launch (:

Welcome to cracked.ink, the humble home of a small community of friends that share common interests in technology and gaming for the most part. If you wish to join us feel free to do so, we will provide various ways to contact us and to join us on a variety of platforms.

This site for right now is mainly a placeholder, as the permanent site is under heavy construction at the moment, this will mainly serve to provide news, information and links to join us on the various platforms we have a presence on. We also host our own Matrix home-server and we’d love to see you there!

Being a fellow tech enthusiast, I am a long-time Linux/Unix user as well as open source software fan. Our Matrix server allows us to share with our community our own discord-like chat server, with even better (end to end encryption) and due to the protocol being open sourced, and Matrix by design being a Federated service and network, you can choose to create an account on our home server or choose one of many other Matrix homeservers, and still access the same channels no matter the originating homeserver!

As soon as i get the time I will write up a guide to getting started using matrix, but the majority of users will be found on our discord server, and there you will find all pertinent information regarding our gameservers, happenings and more.

I am in the process of reorganizing and configuring things for both our servers, game servers and the Discord server so expect many changes to come in the near future.. I am however working on all of this only in my extra free time.



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